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Moving oversized furniture

Lifting techniquesMoving a furniture or sofa into a new space usually requires lots of pushing and wiggling as well as removing of the doors if needed.  It is not simple to determine if a furniture or appliance won’t fit into the door or even the stairs, elevators and other areas. This can be a dilemma for most homeowners that are planning their removals Milton Keynes.  Read on this article on how you can determine the right ways on how to move furniture that won’t fit through the door.



Measure furnitureWhen purchasing or relocating a used appliance or furniture. Determining the height, length and width of the furniture is a must. In case of the sofa, if the legs are removable, it is ideal to detach them first. If cannot be removed, then you have to measure the height along with the legs, from the bottom to top of the couch’s back.  Measuring is an imperative way for you to get the exact dimension of the appliance, so that it can fit into the door easily.

The next thing to do is to get the exact measurement of the door, stairwell and elevator door as this can help you determine if the measurements of both appliances are compatible.


Find Solutions

If the back portion of the furniture is longer than the width of the door, then the furniture’s width should be a bit narrower than the door itself. Meaning to say, the width of the door is 30 and the furniture’s width is 33 and the back height of the appliance is 28. This is an ideal way for you to turn the appliance’s back towards the ceiling.

If it is possible, try to remove the legs of the furniture like chairs, sofa and table. These days, you can find furniture that is easy to transport and move, wherein it only requires a screw to assemble them together. This is an ideal way that you can do in order to assure that you can move the appliances easily. Do not hesitate to get help when moving furniture because doing the job all by yourself is not an easy thing to do.

Moving a furniture to a door that won’t fit is such a hard thing to do especially for people who don’t have the experience. Are you redecorating home and planning to replace your old furniture? It is very important if you can do your research first by measuring the door as well as the furniture before you can take the furniture or appliance home, whether you are moving to a new home or purchasing new fixtures for the home.


Hire furniture movers

transporting sofaIf you are not sure on how you can move certain furniture that won’t fit through the door, it would be best if you can consult an expert who can help you. There are several removal companies Buckinghmashire that does offer their services for those students and professionals or families who are moving to another place. They can also help you move furniture and fixtures that are somewhat difficult to fit through the door. Alternatively you can hire Buckinghamshire man and van services, especially if it’s just a single piece of furniture. Using this kind of service you will save money.

When you get the services of these experts, you can have peace of mind that you can effectively move the furniture you prefer without too much effort and time required. Doing the job alone can cause you to damage the furniture or the door. These professionals have the right knowledge and techniques on how to help you move the furniture easily. They can also help you with arraning furniture in new home. But don’t forget to be extra care when hiring any services and always verify company to to become a victim of moving scams.  

In conclusion, moving furniture through the door is not an easy task, it is best if you can find a reliable service company that can be there to help you with this endeavor. This is an imperative option that you have to remember.

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