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How to arrange furniture?

Setting sofa in new homeIt is never easy to arrange your furniture when moving to a new place, especially when you have not hired a designer to assist you with it. But although it may demand a lot of your time but once you review and plan the space carefully you can easily arrange your furniture beautifully. All you need is careful observation of the space, sense of light and a functional picture in your mind. During removals planning it may be useful to have floor plans of your new home or visit it before moving begins.


Review the space

Planning furniture arrangementThe first thing for clear ideas is to assess the empty space before you start putting furniture. Scattered furniture, boxes etc will hinder your view of the empty space. Never bring the furniture inside if you are not sure where to place it. So before your Aylesbury removals team will unload your stuff, carefully select the furniture you will place in each room. Start with your bedrooms. They are the simplest one to decorate.

For the master bedroom, your bed must be placed opposite to the window area or by its side in front of the widest wall.  Avoid putting furniture in front of the Window area for it blocks the light and air. Once of you have decided a place of the bed the rest of the furniture is easy to manage. Dressing table can be either on the side or front of the bed but opposite to the window.

Do not stuff your rooms with the furniture and accessories that are not functional. Leave some empty space in your room for it circulates the air keeping your room comfortable and fresh.

Coming back to your living room you should always prefer keeping functional furniture in the living room as it is where your family is going to spend most of the time. Divide the furniture for dual purposes. Separate the area where you would want to entertain your guests from the family area. You can use rugs or couch etc. type furniture to divide areas. Do it in such a way which separates the area without blocking the flow of the room.


Focal point

Windows, fireplace, paintings, and other awkward areas are your focal point. Your furniture should be opposite or centre to the focal point. Create your own focal point if you already don’t have one by using paintings or drapes and then placing the furniture around it.


Create balance in the room:

  • Never place all the furniture against the wall unless almost necessary. Use the middle of the room creating a circular motion and spaces.
  • Use small decoration pieces to reduce the impact of larger furniture.
  • If the height of your furniture is high use paintings or wall hangings above its level to make your room look balanced.
  • Use light and contrasting colors to make your room look alive. The cushion covers, pictures and decoration pieces with eye warming colors can really brighten up the pattern of your house.
  • Instead of stuffing your house will decoration pieces use a few large art pieces like a wall paper, large painting, falling lamps, and textured wall, breezy fabrics etc. It not just leaves space in your house but a modern look as well.


Things to remember when arranging furniture

Moving team setting furniture

  • Arrange the furniture before the decoration pieces
  • Leave two feet space among the furniture
  • Place the larger items first
  • Leave room for the drawers and doors to open
  • Do not block the light by covering window area with furniture
  • Place the television screen in the middle on the living room so that the furniture could be arranged around it
  • Keep your furniture at least 4 feet away from the fire place
  • If possible, provide floor plans of your new home to your Buckinghamshire removals team

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