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Moving laboratory equipment

Laboratory stuffIt is quite common that Buckinghamshire pharmaceutical research centres, educational institutions and universities have to face relocation of the samples, parts of the lab equipment or even moving entire laboratory to a different location. The reasons behind this increasing trend are numerous, like consolidation, outsourcing or simply cooperation with other research establishments, yet in each of the cases the moving laboratory is a time consuming process that can be problematic or even dangerous. Regardless of the cause it always requires many preparations, a lot of precautions and knowledge on the subject. Any mistake can pose a serious financial problem due to high prices of the lab equipment, and the broken instrumentation can also lead to a standstill in the performance of the laboratory.


Buckinghamshire laboratory movers

Laboratory moving teamThe best option to avoid damages and to streamline the moving of the laboratory, is to find a good relocation provide, what you can achieve by comparing not only Milton Keynes removals services but also removal companies in High Wycombe or other surrounding towns. His task is to supervise the whole project, from its initial up to the last phase. He should help to plan the relocation, oversee the packing and conform with safety regulations, assuring a success of the whole endeavour. Hiring a professional service not only guarantees the minimum financial loss caused by incompetent carriage of the lab equipment, but also diminishes the risk of environmental contamination, as well as health damage of people involved in case of spilling of hazardous chemical substances or other accidents. Despite the fact that the offer of Milton Keynes man and van firms can be much cheaper, you should absolutely check if the team has any experience, qualifications, equipment, as well as for the transport of hazardous materials - whether it has the appropriate permissions.


Planning laboratory removals

To move smoothly such a demanding project as a lab relocation, it is best to planning relocation in advance. First step is to make sure that the new location is prepared and free of any hazardous substances left by previous occupants. It is advisable to prepare a plan of arrangement of the equipment at the new site in order to facilitate the relocation logistically.  Before packing, the equipment should be carefully sorted and cleared of any unnecessary pieces, as well as superfluous samples and hazardous waste. Less ballast means less work.


Packing laboratory

Containers for hazardous stuffOnce all of the preparations are tackled, the time for the proper packing comes. An absolute must to start with is a whole stockpile of board boxes, plastic bags, shrink-wraps and various other covers and wrappers. You can easily get it from online suppliers, as well as from local Milton Keynes, Buckingham, Amersham removals companies. Since parts of analytical instrumentation differ in size, toughness and materials they are made of, each involves a separate and neat packing. Most of them also need to be transported in specific conditions and carefully handled with. To remember this is usually enough to minimize the risk of damages. Apart from that, there are also safety rules to comply with so as to avoid impairment of the equipment, but also, first and foremost, to prevent any kinds of accidents.


Moving lab safely

Some accidents can happen while dealing with hazardous chemical substances. Coming in contact with them, either during packing or transport, requires personal protection, such as safety glasses, lab coat, gloves, closed-toed shoes, etc. appropriate for the materials handled. Additionally, to avoid confusion the containers must be adequately labeled with an indelible marker, including name, date received, date opened, and quantity. Biological materials, like blood or blood products, animal or human tissue etc. must be packed in primary and secondary containers marked with a biohazard symbol. Radioactive substances require special attention, since they can be packed and transported only under determinate conditions, compatible with safety rules.

All of these precautions show how complex and multi-faceted the removal of lab equipment is and how much attention and time it involves to achieve successful relocation. Since it carries different kinds of risks, it is difficult to arrange it without professional help and a brigade of experienced furniture removers, who will take care not only of the whole equipment, but also of the safety of the laboratory staff. 

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