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Moving is an important event for family or company. Invokes stress and emotions. So before it begins often appears common question: What to do to efficiently and quickly move from Amersham to a new apartment, house or office? Check few the most important advices below or check our moving frequently asked questions.


Things to do when planning removals

Prepare for moving dayFirst of all you should carefully write down a list of all the important things you need to do before you move. This will help you avoid complications and unexpected problems. What therefore you need to remember a few weeks before the move?

Moving is not only to transport personal belongings and furniture, but also lots of other tasks, like the termination of contracts with media providers, such as electricity, gas and internet. Most commonly used term of notice is 30 days. Timely requested will allow you to avoid unnecessary costs. You should also remember to inform the institutions and offices of change in correspondence address. If you are moving out of rented premises, you should pay attention to minor defects. Their repair, when leaving the premises, is in fact obliged to the tenant.


Hire professional moving firm in Buckinghamshire

While moving, you can get help from Amersham removals firms, having the appropriate transport vehicles and qualified staff. Services of such companies are diverse: from simple Amersham man with van services, to comprehensive assistance with relocation (packing, preparation for transport, transportation, loading and unloading items and setting it in the new location). In both cases it will be necessary assistance from company’s consultant who will estimate your move. So before contacting surveyor it’s advisable to write down your needs and expectations. It is very important to entrust your removals to any Buckinghamshire removals company that can boast of references, many years of experience in the industry and guarantees the security of carried stuff. For safe delivery of your furniture in undamaged condition, it’s worth paying attention what conditions are offered by moving firm. The vehicle should be equipped with cotton belts, which are used to secure the furniture (they do not cause damage to the surface of the furniture) and blankets that can cover furniture. The interior of the truck should be covered with special sidewalls, isolating furniture from the walls. If you are moving laboratory equipment or heavy machinery you should find professionals having experience in such moves.


Preparing stuff for removals

Packing private stuffA few days before the move you should make a comprehensive overview of your belongings. Moving is a good time to get rid of things you do not need. In this way you will save yourself the work while packing and moving goods. You should also think about what will be the future arrangement of furniture and other objects in your new house or office. Shortly before transporting furniture and other items, you  should ensure that they are clean. All this in order to be able to use them immediately after the move. Packing small items may take a little more time, and therefore this action should not be put off at the last minute. We should take a moment to pack up equipment and household appliances. It is best to use the original boxes. Not without significance is to bring together in one place all the important documents - insurance policies, guarantees, etc.

On the moving day, check if all boxes are labeled properly. It is also the time when you sign contract with the moving company. Keep in mind that the company will be required to complete a list of moved stuff. This document is a confirmation of the number and type of items for which company is responsible for.

In the new place, after unloading all the equipment, make sure that nothing is missing and everything is in good condition.

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