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Man and Van Removals Guide

Moving equipment and boxesHiring a Milton Keynes man and van service is a great way to carry out your removals work if you don’t have mountains of boxes and furniture to shift. Because this service is relatively inexpensive, it is very popular among home movers who are only moving locally. There are, of course, ways that you can be sure of getting the most out of your man and van service when it comes to the big move day and so we have come up with a checklist of things that you should prepare if you are considering moving with a Buckinghamshire man and van service.  Read our top tips and be in the know and make your removals easy.


Have Everything Ready

Already packedCertainly, you should already have your bags and boxes packed well ahead of time but arranging them in the right order is a must. Milton Keynes removal companies usually load mattresses and heavy items of furniture first, so have these items ready and waiting by the door for them. Next, they will take larger boxes and heavy items and finally the smaller bags and boxes. Arrange all of your items accordingly to make the job a lot easier for the man and van. Not only does this make the job a lot easier for everyone but it will ensure that you don’t have to clean up your carpets due to lots of footprints before you move out!


Have a Parking Permit

Good removals planning is  very important and on the day of your house move, you will want everything to run as smoothly as possible. A big factor in this is arranging a parking permit for the removals company’s van. These permits are relatively inexpensive and can be bought from your local authority a few weeks before the moving date. This will allow the Buckinghamshire removals team to have quick access to your home which will make their job of loading the van so much easier and quicker. If your team have to traipse round the corner with heavy items, it will surely take a lot longer for them to get the job done. So ensure that you have a parking permit ready and waiting for your moving out day to make the whole home removals job quick and easy.


Pitch In

They say that many hands make light work and this is especially true of home removals. If you have booked a man and van service, then it is likely that you won’t have all that much to move. So why not help out and shift boxes and items of furniture  from inside the home to the pavement outside? It will save a lot of work in the long run and will make your move go quickly and easily. Be careful not to over-exert yourself as it may cause injury to yourself and possibly damages to your goods. You are paying for a man and van service to help you, after all, and not to do the entire job themselves.


Plan Ahead

Communication is very important in a house move as it is in all walks of life. You need to let your man and van know about any potential complications that they may have in accessing your home. This may mean providing detailed directions to your old home as well as to your new one. It may mean telling them about any steep stairs or narrow driveways at your property. Whatever it is, keeping your man and van in the know is key to making sure that your home removal runs as quickly and easily as possible. They will take this information on board to accommodate you and so you will undoubtedly save time and money.

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