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Removals Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

faqBelow you will find some of the most frequent questions regarding removal services. Please feel free to call us on our 0800 free phone number, use our live chat or email us to ask any questions about your house move that you cannot find answer at.



What is the area of moving services?

Companies we work with providing both local removals in Buckinghamshire area, and national services through the UK. We also cooperate with the shipping companies offering both European and International removals.



What determines the removal costs?

MoneyIt is one of the most common questions. Price of each move depends largely on how much and what type of items need to be conveyed. For local moving, within the same city, the actual time spent on the job is key factor which determines the price. In case of moving very heavy or oversized items additional charges may be applicable. If your order will apply to further distances, the biggest impact on the removal price may be the distance between the collection and the delivery location. For smal and local removals within Milton Keynes city, some of movers offer also hourly rates. 

If you are moving over Christmas, during weekends you should expect a slightly higher costs.



What is the best way to get free removal quotes?

The best way to obtain free quotations is complete dedicated online form. You can also call the 0800 free phone number shown on the top of the page, or send a request directly to our email address.



How far in advance should I arrange the move?

The optimal time to arrange medium house removals is about two weeks and for bigger homes and office removals we suggest to contact moving firm at least one month in advance. We also cooperate with man and van companies and most of them are happy with short notice removals.  



Can I travel in the removal van to my new address?

It is quite often that movers allow to travel in the truck but it is usually in the case of a local removals in Milton Keynes, where the journey is not too long. For longer routes between the cities or the international removals, firms do not offer travelling with the crew because it drastically reduces comfort for both parties, especially if you are moving with kids.



Where can I get packing materials?

BoxesEach company offer full range of packing stuff for each type of house belongings. If you prefer to do packing on your own they can provide the right amount of packaging materials in advance. 


Is the company fully insured?

All of the service providers we work with are fully insured. Every company strives to avoid any kind of damage, trying to provide their services to the highest possible level. However, in the event of damage, the moving firm take full responsibility for your belongings. Any damage will be reported to the insurer, and full compensation for the damaged property will be paid.



Is the pre-move survey free?

Moving surveyor visit does not involve any costs and is not obliged to use the services.



Do the companies provide services for dismantling and re-assembling furniture during the  house move?

If you have oversized furniture that needs to be dismantled you can request such service and the staff will perform the necessary disassembly but some additional charges may apply.

When is it better to hire man and van in Buckingham?

If you are moving locally and need to transport just a couple piece of furniture, you are a student moving to your university campus or moving small house and you don't require any special services, you may benefit by hiring man and van instead of large removal firm. You can also check our hiring man and van guide

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